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Personal Internet Projects - back to top

This is a list of internet projects I have created.

Web and internet related activities - back to top

MS Access activities, methods and uses - back to top

MS Access applications I have developed - back to top

Types of MS Access applications I have developed but I have developed many other Access tools and used Access for other activities:

General SQL, RDMS, query, data connection activities. - back to top

Business Intelligence and Analytical - back to top

  • Use Access for ETL, datamart/datawarehouse, reporting, alerts, and advanced analytics. See Advanced Access section above and BI stack section below for details.
  • Use MS SQL Server to create data connections, tables, and queries as report datasources.
  • Use MS SQL Server Reports and Business Intelligence Development Studio to create SSRS reports.
  • Use MS SQL Server SSIS/DTS to extract, transform and load data.
  • Use SAS to connect to and extract data from remote datasources and export query results.
  • Install, configure and use Business Objects Edge BI 4.0 including Apache Java Server, Apache Web Server.
  • Use Business Objects XI to query Universes and export query results.
  • Use Crystal Reports to create reports from a variety of datasources.
  • Create Qlikview applications using variety of datasources.
  • Create Tableau reporting applications using variety of datasources.
  • Use R to perform regressions, ANOVA, and other statistical operations.
  • Installed, setup, configured and tested a variety of BI and analytic software including:

  • Business Intelligence Stack using MS Access and Excel - back to top

    I have created the entire BI "stack" using MS Access and Excel.  The resultling suite of applications is similar in functionality and use to SAP Business Objects, Oracle BI, MS SQL Server SSIS/SSAS/SSRS, and any other integrated business intelligence software.

    Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)




    MS Excel activities, methods and uses - back to top

  • MS Query to connect and query datasources to use data in Excel by using Excel MS Query features or using VBA to automate and incorporate MS Query into Excel application code.
  • Use Excel formulas alone or in complex combinations (eg, string functions, conditional statements, mathematical functions, etc)
  • Pivot table and charts including using VBA automation to change row, column and page fields and data dependent on other values, events, user input.
  • Use ADO and DAO data connections and events to retrieve data from remote data source in response to user input.
  • Complex updating of Data Validation list ranges from remote data sources including resizing of named data ranges to accommodate changed list size.
  • Creating sophisticated Excel applications including forms that user input is guided using data validation, hide and show of fields and rows, changing form color, locking and unlocking cells, etc.
  • Creating user input tracking functionality that records user input by date/time, before and after changes, either by writing to hidden worksheet, to external database, to external log file.
  • Create innovative functionality to have Excel form submit user input data when user is complete, by sending all form field data in flat file to hidden network share, so data can be used immediately for operational and reporting purposes.
  • Create innovative functionality where Excel form can retrieve previously exported data into blank form to allow user to continue where they left off, or another user to continue form completion.

  • Mobile - back to top

    IT and system support and maintenance - back to top

    I have a wide range of skills, knowleldge and experience working with computer hardware from installing hardware, to configuing Windows Operating Systems, installing and configuring a wide range of software from Operating systems, to server technologies, to desktop applications: