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Introduction – I am a business and technology worker with experience in a wide range of organizations and functions in private industry and government.  While I am firmly anchored on the ‘business side’, I have strong technical skills ranging from desktop and web application and BI development.  My primary role is business analyst, focused on BI and analytics, but often taking on the role of application developer and solution architect.

Business Analysis – My primary role is Business Analyst, at the nexus of business, IT and stakeholders applying the Business Analyst Body of Knowledge.

BI & Analytics – My primary focus is BI and analytics.   I am a passionate advocate of these and have demonstrably advanced their profile in organizations where I have been engaged.  I designed, developed and supported the first BI systems for groups at HSBC Bank Canada, NZTE, Rogers Wireless, and BCNU.

My BI and analytical work spans the entire range of the BI stack including data profiling and mining, modeling, ETL/integration, designing and developing data warehouses and data marts, OLAP cubes, analytics, reporting and alert functionality. See RDBMS, SQL, query and data related details, BI and analytics and BI stack using Access/Excel.

Development – I have developed a wide range of business productivity and enterprise scale applications, often in support of BI initiatives to generate data not previously available.   These applications have primarily been developed using advanced Access, Excel and VBA.  See list of Access and Excel activities, methods and uses.

Web Development – I have also developed scores of websites and am familiar with web technology such as HTML, CSS, graphics, ASP, PHP, CakePHP, Apache & IIS web servers, APIs, JSON, XML, data driven back-ends.  I have also installed, hosted, customized and used open source software such as phpBB, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Blogger. I use open source Piwik and Google web analytics to track site visitors, and Google Adsense and various affiliate programs for ad revenue on sites. See web and internet related activities.

Change Management – Much of my work has been part of strategic organizational initiatives responsible for positive business process and organizational change.   This has included development, implementation and evaluation of training and business process improvement strategies. I have often supervised or coordinated small groups of people and related resources, creating project plans, engaging stakeholders and team members, and delivering product and services on time.